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Name Class Trials
University of South Florida Other 5
Centre Hospitalier St Anne Other 5
Wake Forest University Health Sciences Other 5
New York University Other 5
Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel Other 5
The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Health Other 5
Kuopio University Hospital Other 5
Tung Wah Hospital Other 5
Ruhr University of Bochum Other 5
Wolfson Medical Center Other 5
Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital Other 5
Campus Bio-Medico University Other 5
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Other 5
Maharishi Markendeswar University Other 5
Université de Sherbrooke Other 5
Swiss Heart Foundation Other 5
Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital. Other 5
University Ghent Other 5
University of Birmingham Other 5
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Other 5
Astellas Pharma Inc Industry 5
Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Other 5
MedStar National Rehabilitation Network Other 5
McGill University Other 5
ReNeuron Limited Industry 5
Instituto de Salud Carlos III Other 5
Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation Other 5
Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC Industry 5
Marquette University Other 5
China Rehabilitation Research Center Other 5
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