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Name Class Trials
ReWalk Robotics, Inc. Industry 1
BURL Concepts Inc. Other 1
Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique Other 1
University of Poitiers Other 1
Danilo Toni Other 1
the general hospital of Fushun coal mine bureau Other 1
Al-Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital Other 1
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia Other 1
University of Minnesota, MN Other 1
Mailman School of Public Health Other 1
Panjin central hospital Other 1
Rodin Scientific LLC Industry 1
Kuusankoski Regional Hospital Kuusankoski Finland Other 1
Ross D. Zafonte, MD Other 1
Boehringer Ingelheim Italia S.p.A. Other 1
Daqing oilfields general hospital Other 1
KCRI Other 1
Realiteer Corp. Other 1
MAXIS, LLC Other 1
Eastern Virginia Medical School Other 1
Pearl Therapeutics, Inc. Industry 1
Aurélien MAURIZOT (angiologist) Other 1
National Center for PTSD U.S. Fed 1
American Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Support Other 1
Medical Universtity of Lodz Other 1
Tampere University Hospital Tampere Finland Other 1
Hunan Rui Kang Tong technology development co., LTD Other 1
Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Miami Other 1
the people's hospital of Jilin city Other 1
Clinique Les Trois Soleils Other 1
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