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Name Class Trials
University of Birmingham Other 5
Takeda Industry 5
Nantes University Hospital Other 5
New York Presbyterian Hospital Other 5
Lumy Sawaki Other 5
National Cheng-Kung University Hospital Other 5
Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Other 5
National University, Singapore Other 5
The Physicians' Services Incorporated Foundation Other 5
Maharishi Markendeswar University Other 5
Université de Sherbrooke Other 5
MedStar National Rehabilitation Network Other 5
Ludwig-Maximilians - University of Munich Other 5
Ontario Stroke Network Other 5
Chung Shan Medical University Other 5
National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC) NIH 5
Agency for Science, Technology and Research Other 5
University of Arkansas Other 5
Dalhousie University Other 5
United States Department of Defense U.S. Fed 5
Gachon University Gil Medical Center Other 5
Mackay Memorial Hospital Other 5
Glostrup University Hospital, Copenhagen Other 5
General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region Other 5
ev3 Industry 5
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte Other 5
IRCCS Centro Neurolesi "Bonino-Pulejo" Other 5
The Hospital for Sick Children Other 5
Chang Gung University Other 5
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Other 5
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