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Name Class Trials
The First Affiliated Hospital of University of South China Other 1
Zhuhai People's Hospital Other 1
the first people's hospital of Mu danjing city Other 1
Fundación Botín Other 1
Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University Other 1
UCSF - Fresno Other 1
Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center Other 1
Jiujiang No.1 People's Hospital Other 1
Edinburgh Napier University Other 1
Menghan Li Other 1
Ningxia Medical University Other 1
Region Skåne, Primary health care, Sweden Other 1
Mudanjiang cardiovascular hospital Other 1
Jiangsu Provincial Hospital Other 1
Dr Andrew Stevens Other 1
idv Data Analysis and Study Planning Other 1
School for Social Entrepreneurs London and Lloyds TSB Other 1
University of Minho Other 1
Parker, William H., M.D. Other 1
Danish Association of Occupational Therapist Other 1
the fourth hospital of Harbin Other 1
Fundaciónprocnic Other 1
Xi'an city hospital of TCM Other 1
Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin Other 1
The Affiliated Hospital of Yanbian University Other 1
University of Belgrade Other 1
Pedreira, Érika, M.D. Other 1
Promobilia Foundation Other 1
i3 Drug Safety Other 1
Fondation of 18.12.1981 Other 1
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