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Name Type Trials
Standard BTX injection (ultrasound guided) Device 1
3-dimensional innervation zone (3DIZ) guided injection Device 1
Transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) Device 1
Implantable Loop Recorder Device 1
Selective Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation Device 1
AMPLATZERâ„¢ PFO Occluder Device 1
Active DBS Device 1
Inactive DBS Device 1
Ultrasound 3D Imaging Device 1
TheraBracelet & Stimulation Device 1
TheraBracelet & Sham Device 1
Upper Arm Rehabilitation Light Exoskeleton (RH-LEXOS) Device 1
Condensed RT group Device 1
Distributed RT group Device 1
Repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation continuous theta-burst stimulation Device 1
SHAM repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation Device 1
Samsung Hip Assist v1 Device 1
ProtEmbo Cerebral Protection System Device 1
WATCHMAN transplantation Device 1
Aspiration First Device 1
Stent retriever first Device 1
Magstim Super Rapid2 System Device 1
Exoskeleton type robot Device 1
End-effector type robot Device 1
Deep brain stimulation on stimulation - active Device 1
Deep brain stimulation off stimulation - sham Device 1
DC-stimulator (Neuroconn, Germany) Device 1
CES Device 1
Robotic Glove Device 1
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