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Name Type Trials
Training in the blind field Device 1
Training in the intact field Device 1
HBOT and OMT Combination Product 1
Umbilical cord blood (UCB) Biological 1
Contralaterally Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation (CCFES) Device 1
Combination of Transcranial direct brain stimulation (tDCS) and FES Device 1
Telephone call d90 Other 1
Real-rTMS + Gloreha device Device 1
Sham-rTMS + Gloreha device Device 1
Primary care model Other 1
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Biological 1
Measurement of sitting postural control of the adult (MCPAA) Other 1
XIENCE Device 1
Clearsight device (Edwards) around the finger Device 1
Intermittent blood pressure measurements with cuff. Device 1
YC-6 Drug 1
PES Device 1
Virtual Reality Training Without Physiotherapeutic Intervention Other 1
Virtual Reality Training With Physiotherapeutic Intervention Other 1
Transnasal Thermal Regulating Device Device 1
Standard control of SBP Drug 1
Postural counseling Behavioral 1
Intracranial pressure monitoring Diagnostic Test 1
Ekso GT gait training with high swing assistance Other 1
Ekso GT gait training with neutral swing assistance Other 1
Ekso GT gait training with high swing resistance Other 1
Inspection mode Other 1
CDS-NVAF Device 1
Dietary assessments Other 1
Online Mindfulness Course Other 1
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