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Name Type Trials
Medication intake reminders Behavioral 1
Pillbox use and counselling Behavioral 1
Continuous infusion high-dose MCI-186 Drug 1
Continuous infusion low-dose MCI-186 Drug 1
Continuous infusion placebo Drug 1
Approved dosing regimen MCI-186 Drug 1
Approved dosing regimen placebo Drug 1
DC-stimulator (Neuroconn, Germany) Device 1
CES Device 1
Muscle fatigue Procedure 1
Patient Navigator Other 1
Enhanced Treadmill Training Other 1
Confusion Assessment Method Diagnostic Test 1
Behavioral Inattention Test Diagnostic Test 1
Florida Mental Status Examination Diagnostic Test 1
Montreal Cognitive Assessment Diagnostic Test 1
Geriatric Depression Scale Diagnostic Test 1
Kessler Foundation Neglect Assessment Process Diagnostic Test 1
Robotic Glove Device 1
ITBS+cTBS group Device 1
VCT Device 1
VCT+optimal rTMS group Device 1
Training in the blind field Device 1
Training in the intact field Device 1
HBOT and OMT Combination Product 1
Umbilical cord blood (UCB) Biological 1
Telephone call d90 Other 1
Real-rTMS + Gloreha device Device 1
Sham-rTMS + Gloreha device Device 1
Primary care model Other 1
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