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Name Type Trials
DSA/3DRA Diagnostic Test 1
Wrist-worn wearables Device 1
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Behavioral 1
SONAS Ultrasound Device Diagnostic Test 1
Lumason Drug 1
NSI-566 Drug 1
3DRA Diagnostic Test 1
Serum and Urine measurement of cytokines. Other 1
Low flow nocturnal oxygen Other 1
Veridical Visual Feedback Other 1
Augmented Visual Feedback Other 1
Healthy Comparative Reaching Task Other 1
Aerobic therapy Device 1
Chest and thumb- ECG Diagnostic Test 1
Questionnaire ef-ID Migraine Other 1
Watchman® LAA Closure Device Device 1
Botulinum neurotoxin (BTX) Drug 1
Standard BTX injection (ultrasound guided) Device 1
3-dimensional innervation zone (3DIZ) guided injection Device 1
Transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) Device 1
Standard rehabilitation (SR) Other 1
Implantable Loop Recorder Device 1
Activating Behavior for Lasting Engagement Behavioral 1
Hyaluronidase Drug 1
AMPLATZERâ„¢ PFO Occluder Device 1
Active DBS Device 1
Inactive DBS Device 1
Intervention group Behavioral 1
Given advice Behavioral 1
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