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Name Type Trials
Balance exercises Other 1
Home-based exercise program with smart rehabilitation system ((Uincare®, D-gate Co.) Other 1
Conventional home rehabilitation exercise Other 1
Ergonomic intervention Other 1
Postural plus kinesiotherapy intervention program Other 1
Control or conservative intervention Other 1
Glibenclamide Drug 1
Soft robot hand system Device 1
Balance Assessment Robot (BAR™) Device 1
Assessment of behavioral biometric impairments Behavioral 1
Exenatide Injection Drug 1
Combined rehabilitation Other 1
Linguistic rehabilitation Other 1
FSS: Fatigue Severity Scale Other 1
Neuropsychological evaluation battery Other 1
Other functional scores Other 1
Sodium Chloride Drug 1
SonoVue Drug 1
Transcranial Ultrasound Procedure 1
Sham Transcranial Ultrasound Procedure 1
Robotic Device 1
Early standard intervention Behavioral 1
Active RAVANS concurrent with arm motor training Device 1
In-active RAVANS concurrent with arm motor training Device 1
Inactive RAVANS concurrent with arm motor training Device 1
Gene expression or biomarkers exploration Genetic 1
Combined contact aspiration/Stent Retriever Technique Combination Product 1
Stent retriever technique Device 1
Amadeo Training Device 1
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