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Name Type Trials
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) Device 1
Hand Therapy Video Games Device 1
Gait enhancing mechatronic system (GEMS) Device 1
Nexstim NBS guided active rTMS Device 1
Nexstim NBS guided sham rTMS Device 1
Training on the running belt Device 1
MeCFES-assisted task-oriented upper limb rehabilitation Device 1
SCALA Device 1
MindMotion PRO Device 1
With stimulation Device 1
No stimulation Device 1
TDCS&neurofeedback&computer remediation Device 1
Neurofeedback&computer remediation Device 1
Sham neurofeedback&computer remediation Device 1
SWORD Device 1
Active continuous theta burst stimulation (cTBS) Device 1
Placebo (Sham) continuous theta burst stimulation Device 1
Bluetooth-equipped sphygmomanometer Device 1
Arctic Sun Device 1
Rapael Device 1
High intensity IEMT Device 1
Sham IEMT Device 1
Duck Duck Punch Play Device 1
Revive SE intracranial thrombectomy device Device 1
Pathmaker MyoRegulator neuromodulation system Device 1
Magnetically Enhanced Diffusion (MED) Device 1
MED Workstation Magnet Sham Control Device 1
RTMS Contralesional M1 Device 1
RTMS Contralesional PMC Device 1
RTMS Ipsilesional PMC Device 1
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