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Name Type Trials
Collection of thrombus that is responsible for stroke and blood sample Other 1
VR-based training including AO and MI Other 1
Enhanced reality Device 1
No Enhanced reality Other 1
Selective Control Assessment of Lower Extremity (SCALE) Behavioral 1
Mindfulness, MBSR Other 1
Self-management Other 1
Mechanical assisted sit-to-stand training group Device 1
Manual assisted sit-to-stand training group Other 1
Speech-language therapy Behavioral 1
Kiosk intervention group Device 1
Rivaroxaban 10 mg qd Drug 1
Rivaroxaban 15 mg qd Drug 1
Activity of everyday life Other 1
Cerebellar TMS Device 1
Sham cerebellar TMS Device 1
Questionnaires Other 1
Injection of intraosseous hypertonic saline Device 1
BCI Robot Assisted Hand Therapy Device 1
CPM Robot Assisted Hand Therapy Device 1
Sham electrical stimulation Other 1
Virtual reality with feedback Other 1
Virtual reality without feedback Other 1
Healthy Other 1
RTMS on ipsilesional M1 Device 1
TDCS on contralesional M1 Device 1
Warfarin sodium Drug 1
Dabigatran Etexilate 110mg Drug 1
Percutaneous Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Device 1
REWIRE Device 1
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