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Name Type Trials
Specific hand rehabilitation by Gloreha device Device 1
Endovascular cooling (Zoll system) Device 1
Virtual glove Device 1
Stroke Volume estimation using electrical impedance tomography Device 1
Erigo®Pro group without FES Device 1
Erigo®Pro group with FES Device 1
Implantation of cardiac monitor Device 1
Solitaire FR flow restoration device Device 1
Error Enhancement Device 1
Control treatment Device 1
Robot + TTT exercise Device 1
LDWBA first (CT scan) Device 1
Home-Based BATRAC plus TTT Device 1
Lab-based BATRAC plus TTT Device 1
Hyperbaric Multiplace Chamber Device 1
Ankle Robot with Power Assistance Device 1
A-tDCS (1 mA) Device 1
Penumbra Aspiration System Device 1
SentreHeart Lariat® Device 1
Computer-based target pursuit task (created using E-Prime software) and visual-feedback handgrip force transducer (CurrentDesigns 2012). Device 1
Reveal LINQTM- LNQ11 Internal Loop Recorder plus standard cardiac monitoring Device 1
Single-task balance training Device 1
Dual-task balance training Device 1
MindMotionPRO Device 1
Posterior Leaf spring AFO Device 1
Double adjustable AFO Device 1
Usability test study of the MirrorPath Device 1
Reveal LINQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor Device 1
Verum tDCS Device 1
Excel Cryo Cooling Collar Device 1
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