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Name Type Trials
Honda Stride Assist Device ON Device 1
No Device Worn Other 1
Medical Device Vittamed 205 Device 1
Midazolam injection Drug 1
Motor rehabilitation training Other 1
Stroke team simulation training Other 1
UcSLT Behavioral 1
TeleSLT Device 1
TeleCT Device 1
Fluid boluses Other 1
Kinect Device 1
Structured Semi-Interactive Stroke Prevention Package Other 1
General anaesthesia Procedure 1
Conscious Sedation Procedure 1
Mantra meditation Behavioral 1
Active stimulation Device 1
Sequential training Behavioral 1
Dual training Behavioral 1
Control training Behavioral 1
Measurements of the alpha-GAL enzyme activity Diagnostic Test 1
UFT Other 1
LFT Other 1
C-Arm Cone Beam Computed Tomography Diagnostic Test 1
Observation of current care Other 1
Perturbation Other 1
Conventional Physiotherapy Treatment Other 1
Low-risk lifestyle behaviours Behavioral 1
Additional sensorimotor therapy for the upper limb Other 1
Additional motor therapy for the upper limb after stroke Other 1
BrainPulse Device Device 1
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