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Name Type Trials
M2 BAT Device 1
HIWIN Robotic Gait Training System Device 1
Virtual Reality Mirror Therapy Device 1
Transcranial-holter monitoring Device 1
NBETTER Device 1
REAL Pulsed ELF-MF stimulation Device 1
SHAM Pulsed ELF-MF stimulation Device 1
Arm Light Exoskeleton Rehab Station (ALEx RS) Device 1
Arm Light Exoskeleton Rehab Station (ALEx RS) - automatically personalized Device 1
Smart glove system with functional electrical stimulation Device 1
Haptic Robot Therapy with Games Device 1
Uses of SpiderFlash monitor Device 1
Bilateral assessment robots (BiAS) Device 1
Nasal CPAP Device 1
Robot-assisted gait rehabilitation Device 1
Medtronic SEEQ™ mobile cardiac telemetry system Device 1
Enterprise stent implantation Device 1
Arterial oximetry Device 1
Rehab InterCap system and 3D Kinect Device 1
TDCS neuroConn Device 1
Gait training with augmented reality Device 1
Standard training Device 1
Infrascanner Device 1
SmarToyGym Device 1
TDCS + TMS Device 1
Transcranial direct brain stimulation (tDCS) Device 1
Combination of tDCS and FES Device 1
Rehab in a Crate System Device 1
Full-pressure ECP Device 1
Sham-pressure ECP Device 1
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