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Name Type Trials
Input-Focus Condition Behavioral 1
No study specific interventions Other 1
Observational only- no intervention Other 1
Adapted Yoga Behavioral 1
ICTuS-L Device 1
PCI Procedure 1
Endo-CABG Procedure 1
SaeboGlove Device 1
Accelerometer Based Feedback Behavioral 1
AMPLATZER™ Cardiac Plug™ LAA Occluder Device 1
Hemiparesis Therapy with VR Behavioral 1
Usual care patients in neurology department Other 1
Blood and urines sampling Biological 1
Psychiatric evaluation Procedure 1
CV WIZARD Behavioral 1
NIRVANA Device 1
Fluid loading of volulyte 300 ml Procedure 1
NIRS Device 1
Targeted Temperature Management Device 1
Indocyanine Green Drug 1
There is no intervention for this study. Patients are allocated to the study groups based on whether or not DCI occurs. Other 1
Social cognition Behavioral 1
Aortic no-touch OPCABG Procedure 1
OPCABG with partial clamp applying carbon dioxide Procedure 1
OPCABG with partial clamp Procedure 1
Herbal Medicine C-117 Drug 1
The Placebo of Herbal Medicine C-117 Drug 1
Blindsight Training associated to tDCS Other 1
Blindsight Training alone Other 1
Community Health Worker Intervention Behavioral 1
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