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Name Type Trials
Alter G Bionic Leg Device 1
3D exoskeleton type robot Device 1
2D end-effector type robot Device 1
Three-dimensional (3D) movie Other 1
Pulmonary computed tomography (CT) Radiation 1
New oral anticoagulants Drug 1
ArmeoP+real MV Device 1
Geriatric Activation Program Pellenberg Other 1
New Care Other 1
VDD ICD (experimental group) Device 1
Single chamber VVI ICD (control group) Device 1
Task-orientated training Behavioral 1
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) Device 1
Sham electrical nerve stimulation Device 1
Vibration sessions Other 1
Oxygen consumption optimization Other 1
Lower extremity Constraint-induced movement therapy(LE-CIMT) Behavioral 1
Contrast injection Sonovue® Other 1
Pupilometer Device 1
Cilostazol 100mg Drug 1
The experimental group Other 1
Scale Action Research Arm Test (ARAT) Diagnostic Test 1
Scalp acupuncture Other 1
Placebo injection and botulinum toxin injection Drug 1
Drug Therapy Drug 1
Routine Blood Test and Image Scan Diagnostic Test 1
Intravascular therapy Other 1
Emergency Treatment Other 1
Medical history Other 1
Transcranial direct stimulation Other 1
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