Very Intensive Early Walking in Stroke "VIEWS"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- subacute (<6 months) stroke
- 18-75 years old
- history of history of unilateral, supratentorial, ischemic or hemorrhage stroke
- able to walk 10m without physical assistance
- gait speed less than or equal to .8m/s
- medical clearance

Exclusion Criteria

- significant cardiorespiratory or metabolic disease that may limit exercise participation
- weight limit > 250 lbs (limit of most counter-weight safety systems)
- history of previous orthopedic or neurological conditions which may impair walking.
- women of childbearing potential will not be excluded, although women who are pregnant will be excluded due to potential forces at trunk from the harness applied at the waist.
- subjects with scores < 23 on the Mini Mental Status Exam
- Exclusion for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS):
- pacemaker
- metal implants in the head region
- history of epilepsy or seizures
- skull fractures or skull deficits
- concussion within the last 6 months
- unexplained recurring headaches
- medications that lower seizure threshold
- pregnancy
- Exclusion for the MRI:
- aneurysm clip or coil
- metal or wire implants
- heart valve prosthesis