Very Early Nimodipine Use in Stroke "VENUS"


Phase 3 Results

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Acute stroke and hemiparesis presenting within 6 hours of stroke onset.

Exclusion Criteria

Ability to raise arm or leg >10 seconds against gravity; inability to start treatment within 6 hours; age <18 or >85 years; previous participation in this trial; pregnancy; impaired consciousness (did not obey orders and did not open eyes on painful stimuli); other diseases likely to cause death within 1 year; previous stroke, resulting in serious handicap (Modified Rankin Scale11 score >3); dysphagia, excluding oral medication at trial onset; systolic blood pressure <130 mm Hg; heart rate <50 bpm; and 3 of the following 4 conditions: severe headache, vomiting, hypertension (systolic blood pressure >220 mm Hg), and use of oral anticoagulants.