Vasomotor Reactivity In Cerebral Small Vessel Disease And New Approach To Treat Lacunar Stroke "LA BICHAT"


Phase 4 Results


At baseline, all patients had a severely impaired CVR (mean, 12.1%; 95% CI, 9.5-14.7) and carotid (mean, -0.25%; 95% CI, -1.17-0.67) and brachial artery (mean, 2.72%; 95% CI, 1.39-4.05) endothelial function. Despite reductions of 55% in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and of 30% in high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in the active arm compared to placebo, atorvastatin 80 mg per day did not improve CVR or endothelial dysfunction of carotid and brachial arteries. In conclusion, we found no positive effect of 3-month treatment with atorvastatin on severe cerebral microvasculature endothelial dysfunction in patients with lacunar stroke.