Validation of a French Quality of Life Questionnaire Adapted to Persons Who Have Suffered a Stroke "QUALI STROKE"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Patients aged 18 years and older.
- Patients following a first stroke (ischemic or non-traumatic cerebral parenchyma haemorrhage) followed at a consultation at Dijon CHU and included in the Dijon Stroke Registry cohort.
- Patients who have provided oral informed consent.
- Patients with national health insurance cover

Exclusion Criteria

- History of symptomatic stroke.
- Meningeal haemorrhage.
- Severe visual or hearing handicap making it difficult to complete the questionnaire.
- Global severe aphasia and mutism making communication with the patient impossible-.
- Unable to read or speak French.
- Dementia prior to the stroke.
- Psychiatric disorders and dependence on alcohol/drugs.
- Bedridden before the stroke.
- Other comorbidities considered severe by the clinician and not related to the stroke that could have significantly impaired quality of life before the stroke.