Validation of a Community Worker Administered Stroke Symptom Questionnaire


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Trial Description

This is a validation study. A stroke symptom questionnaire will be adapted and translated into local language. Two community health workers will be trained in its administration. Their findings will be validated against assessment by two neurologists.
The study hypothesis is that the chance corrected agreement between the community worker administered stroke symptom questionnaire and the assessment by neurologist based on history and physical examination is at least moderate.

Detailed Description

Overall Objective: To translate, adapt and validate a stroke symptom questionnaire for identification of stroke symptoms by community health workers ( CHW) in a peri-urban Pakistani community
Specific Aims:
1. To translate and adapt a stroke symptom questionnaire for identification of stroke symptoms by community workers in a peri-urban Pakistani community
2. To validate community workers administered stroke symptom questionnaire against assessment by neurologist in a peri-urban Pakistani community
3. To determine the feasibility of utilizing community workers for identification of stroke patients in the community in terms of subject refusals and difficulty in understanding questions
The study will be conducted at the community site of AMAN community health project in Ibrahim Hyderi. Community health workers will systematically select households and from them individuals meeting eligibility criteria will be interviewed. Community workers will administer stroke symptom questionnaire to them at their homes. Those unable to answer will have a surrogate answering for them. In the second part of the study, two neurologists will independently assess all individuals. The purpose of this would be to validate the findings of the community workers based on the stroke symptom questionnaire.


Trial Design

  • Perspective: Cross-Sectional
  • Sampling: Non-Probability Sample

Trial Population

Adults (above 40 years of age) residing in Ibrahim Hyderi and willing to participate in the all components of the study


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Validity Cross-sectional , All interviews within 4 Weeks ( CHW and Neurologist) No
Secondary Feasibility Cross sectional - All interviews within 4 weeks( CHW and Neurologists) No