Validation and Standardisation of a Pool of Simplified Evaluation Aimed to the Diagnoses of Aphasic Disorders and Adapted to the Patients Suffering an Acute Phase of Stroke "BESTA-AVC"


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Trial Description

Every year in France, from 100 000 to 145 000 people are affected by a stroke. 75% patients survived with aftereffects, in particular aphasic disorders.
A sketch of a new tool called BESTA aiming to a rapid handover to the acute phase post stroke had been worked out. After a meeting, 13 multidisciplinary experts have discussed, adjusted and a new complete tool (BESTA) had been created in order to evaluate the different states of aphasia.
The goal of this study is the validation and the standardization of this new BESTA tool.



  • BESTA scale Other
    Intervention Desc: BESTA scale is administrated at T0, T1 and T2.
    ARM 1: Kind: Experimental
    Label: BESTA scale
    Description: BESTA scale is administered at T0, T1 (3 months) and T2 (1 year)

Trial Design

  • Observation: Case-Only
  • Perspective: Prospective
  • Sampling: Probability Sample

Trial Population

Administration of BESTA scale (test to assess) within 3 days after stroke and at 3 months and 1 year after stroke. This scale will be compared to standard scales.


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary validity of concomitant criterion at T0 versus LAST 1 day No