Use of the BrainPort® Balance Device to Improve Balance in Adults With Balance Deficits Due to Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- At least 18 years old.
- Diagnosis of stroke for at least 6 months.
- Reached a plateau and been discharged from physical therapy.
- Able to ambulate with or without assistance.
- Ongoing balance problem.
- Able to read and understand the informed consent form, and willing to sign the informed consent form.

Exclusion Criteria

- Current oral health problems as determined by health questionnaire and an examination of the oral cavity.
- Any medical condition that would interfere with performance on the assessments.
- History of seizures.
- Pregnancy.
- Cognitive deficits (Mini-Mental 25 or below), joint replacements, cervical vertigo, or major neurologic disease, major depression or disabling psychiatric disorder.
- Known neuropathies of tongue or skin tactile system.
- Prior exposure to BrainPort® balance device.
- Subjects who are unwilling or unable to adhere to all study requirements, including completion of the training period, evaluation tests, and return to clinic for a follow-up visit.
- Subjects who have undergone middle ear or other surgery with sacrifice or damage to the chorda tympani nerve, lingual nerve, or hypoglossal nerve.