Upper Limb Biofeedback Rehabilitation System (RAPAELⓇ Smart Glove Digital Treatment System) Training for Stroke Recovery

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Subjects who hemiplegic due to stroke
- Subjects who have more than 22 points of Fugl-Meyer Assessment score in upper extremity
- 40 subjects who have diagnosed as stroke before 3weeks to 3 months(subacute)
- 40 subjects who have diagnosed as stroke more than 6 months ago(chronic)

Exclusion Criteria

- Subjects who have spasticity and upper extremity dysfunction at unaffected side
- Subjects who have bilateral or multiple brain lesion
- Subjects who have non-controllable medial or surgical disease
- Subjects who is less than 20 years old
- Subjects who have pre-existing and active major neurological or psychiatric disease
- Subjects who have less than 10 degrees of active wrist range of motion
- Subjects who can not complete outcome measurement task
- Subjects who have limitation of communication due to aphasia
- Subjects who have less than 17 points of K-MMSE
- Subjects who is pregnant
- Subjects who have pain or other muscle wasting disease which may interrupt upper extremity exercise