Ultrasound Enhanced Thrombolytic Therapy of Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion


Phase 3 Results N/A

Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
Ralf W Baumgartner, MD Contact +41 1 255 56 86 ralf.baumgartner@usz.ch

Contacts by Location

Kantonsspital Aarau, Department of Neurology Aarau, Switzerland Recruiting_status_icon
Hansjörg Hungerbühler, MD Principal Investigator +41 62 838 66 75 hansjoerg.hungerbuehler@ksa.ch
University Hospital of Basel, Department of Neurology Basel, Switzerland Recruiting_status_icon
Philippe Lyrer, MD Principal Investigator
Stefan Engelter, MD Principal Investigator +41 61 265 25 25 sengelter@uhbs.ch
University hospital of Bern, Department of Neurology Bern, Switzerland Recruiting_status_icon
Marcel Arnold, MD Principal Investigator
Marcel Arnold, MD Contact +41 31 632 33 32 marcel.arnold@insel.ch
H.-P. Mattle, MD Principal Investigator
University Hospital of Geneva, Department of Neurology Geneva, Switzerland Recruiting_status_icon
Roman Sztajzel, MD Principal Investigator +41 22 372 83 10 Roman.Sztajzel@hcuge.ch
University Hospital of Lausanne, Department of Neurology Lausanne, Switzerland Recruiting_status_icon
Patrik Michel, MD Principal Investigator
Patrik Michel, MD Contact +41 21 314 11 85 patrik.michel@chuv.hospvd.ch
University Hospital of Zurich, Department of Neurology Zurich, Switzerland Recruiting_status_icon
Ralf W Baumgartner, MD Contact +41 1 255 56 86 ralf.baumgartner@usz.ch
Dimitrios Georgiadis, MD Principal Investigator dimitrios.georgiadis@usz.ch
Hakan Sarikaya, MD Sub-Investigator