Treatment of Post Stroke Fatigue With a Wakefulness Promoting Agent


Phase 3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- 18 years of age and stroke within 14 days
- Modified Rankin Scale 3 or under and Barthel 85 or over before stroke
- Person that can understand instruction and do tests and questionnaires on their own or with support
- has given informed consent
- MFI-20 score of 12 or more
- Infertile person or fertile women tested negative of pregnancy and using safe anticonception

Exclusion Criteria

- Dementia or other neuropsychiatric disease making the person incapable of understanding instructions
- Other disease with fatigue as a known symptom
- stroke induced by trauma, infection or surgical procedure
- former drug abuse
- known contraindication to treatment with modafinil
- known active malignancy, benign intracranial tumor, subdural or epidural bleeding
- kidneydysfunction with creatinin more than 265 micromol/L or liver disease with ASAT (aspartate aminotransferase) elevated to more than 70 U/L for women or 100 U/L for men.
- allergy to project treatment
- use of benzodiazepin or antiepileptic drugs in a fixed dose. Sleeping pills not included.
- Patients threaded with ciclosporin or anti HIV medication