Treatment for Movement Problems in Elderly Stroke Patients


Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria
- First stroke > 12 months prior to study entry
- Impaired Flexor synergy, pronation and supination of forearm, active wrist extension, active finger extension, and active grasp and release
- Minimum passive range of motion and spasticity criteria (defined as stroke patients who fall into approximately the second to lowest quartile of motor functioning as determined by the Fugl-Meyer Test)
- Available for follow-up at the treatment site (3 years for control patients; 2 years for intervention patients)
Exclusion Criteria
- Folstein Mini-Mental State Examination score < 24
- Token Test of the Multilingual Aphasia Examination score < 36
- Excessive frailty or lack of stamina (e.g., cannot attend to instructions, stay awake, engage in functional activities) as determined by study officials
- Serious uncontrolled medical conditions
- Excessive pain in any joint of the affected extremity that could limit ability to cooperate with the intervention, as judged by study officials
- Unable to stand independently for 2 minutes, transfer independently to and from the toilet, or perform sit-to-stand
- Current participation in other pharmacological or physical intervention studies
- Injections of anti-spasticity drugs into upper extremity musculature within the past 3 months or wish to have drugs injected in the foreseeable future
- Any oral anti-spasticity drugs at study entry
- Phenol injections within 12 months prior to study entry