Translating Intensive Arm Rehabilitation in Stroke to a Telerehabilitation Format "TeleBATRAC"


Phase 3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Age 18 years or older
- Have a clinically defined unilateral hemiparetic stroke with radiologic exclusion of other diagnosis
- Stroke onset of at least 6 months prior to enrollment
- Present with moderate to severe arm impairment based on a Fugl-Meyer score ranging from 19-50 out of 66
- No previous experience using the BATRAC
- Ability to use and interact with the tele-rehabilitation platform according to study protocol
- Have an identified individual/caregiver to perform the TTT exercises if randomized to the Home Telerehabilitation group

Exclusion Criteria

- Musculoskeletal diagnosis or significant arm pain that would interfere with positioning and use of the intervention (BATRAC) devices
- Cognitive impairment such that the participant is unable to understand the study requirements to answer the Evaluation to Sign Consent Form tool accurately
- Absence of a working telephone line or cell phone for telerehabilitation set-up if randomized to this group
- Enrollment in a concurrent rehabilitation study or actively receiving therapy for their stroke affected (study) arm
- Having received a botulinum toxin injection to the stroke affected (study) arm within 3 months of enrollment