Transcranial Galvanic Stimulation After Stroke "TraGAT"


Phase N/A Results


The three groups did not differ at study onset, the FM improved in all patients over time, between group- differences did not occur. The initial (terminal) FM scores were: 7.8 ±3.8 (19.1±14.4) group A, 7.9 ±3.4 (18.8 ±10.5) in B, and 8.2 ±4.4 (19.2 ±15.0) in C. The Follow-up data were: 23.2±18.3, 23.5±14.4 and 22.5±17.1. In conclusion,neither the anodal nor the cathodal tCS was effective. Potential reasons are the cortical involvement in the majority of patients, the severity of the UL paresis, and that the bilateral training may have counteracted the inhibiting stimulation of the non-lesioned hemisphere.