Theta-Burst-Stimulation in Early Rehabilitation of Stroke "TheSiReS"


Phase 2/3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- written consent
- age: 40-90 years
- first ischemic stroke
- hemiparesis with impaired hand motor function

Exclusion Criteria

- Subjects who are legally detained in an official institute (ยง20 MPG)
- Participation in clinical trial within the last 12 weeks
- Electronic implants or ferromagnetic Implants located in the head, neck or thorax (e.g. clips, intracranial shunt, artificial heart valve, pacemaker)
- Medication pump (e.g. insulin pump)
- Metal splinters in eye or head
- Pregnancy / breastfeeding
- Severe Neurodegenerative disease
- Severe Neuroinflammatory disease
- History of seizures / epilepsy
- Physical addiction to alcohol, medication, or drugs (excluded: nicotine)
- Insufficient compliance
- Present or past malignant tumor involving the central nervous system
- Severe Psychiatric disease
- Bihemispheric acute ischemic lesions diagnosed by CT or MRI
- Known brain lesion (surgical, traumatic)
- Evidence for enhanced cerebral pressure
- Severe cardial dysfunction
- life expectancy < 12 months
- NIHSS Score > 20
- Blood glucose imbalances resistant to treatment (<50 mg/dl or >300 mg/dl)
- Elevated blood pressure resistant to treatment (RR > 185/110mmHg)
- Systemic Thrombolysis using r-tPA or thrombectomy within the last 24 hours before enrollment in study
- Medication with benzodiazepines, high-potency antipsychotics or tricyclic antidepressants before hospitalization or long-term during hospitalization