The Therapeutic Effects of Peroneal Nerve Functional Electric Stimulation for Lower Extremity in Patients With Sub-acute Post-stroke Hemiplegia "RALLY"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- 1) Patients who agree to participate in this study and provide their informed consent
- 2) Patients from 20 to 85 years old at the time of consent
- 3) Patients of convalescent stoke (within 6 months of onset)
- 4) Patients with a first episode of stroke, which type limited intracranial hemorrhage or ischemic stroke (excluding subarachnoid hemorrhage)
- 5) Patients inpatients for the rehabilitation therapy
- 6) Patients diagnosed 3 or 4 on Functional Ambulation Classification (FAC)
- 7) Patients stable general condition(blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose level etc.)
- 8) Patients with drop foot in walking

Exclusion Criteria

- 1) Patients due to severe heart disease
- 2) Patients with previous gait disability, such as neurological disease
- 3) Patients with previous orthopedic disease, such as knee osteoarthritis
- 4) Patients with severe hepatic or renal dysfunction
- 5) Patients with severe sensory disturbance or severe ataxia or severe higher brain dysfunction
- 6) Patients correspond to contraindicated for the electrical stimulation (e.g. patients with a medical implant or implantable medical electrical equipment such as a cardiac pacemaker)
- 7) Patients with severe skin disease
- 8) Patients with any dose adjustment of antispasticity drugs (tizanidine hydrochloride, eperisone hydrochloride, baclofen, etc.) within 1month
- 9) Patients whose impairment severities changed during the study period
- 10) Patients taking the botulinum toxin formulation injection or the nerve block injection with phenol within 6months
- 11) Patients with any lower limb treatment using FES or the robot suit within 1month
- 12) Patients diagnosed not to use during the the WA trial operation period
- 13) Patients who do not complete the WA trial operation for 7 days
- 14) Patients joining any other clinical trials or studies with intervention