The Spot Sign for Predicting and Treating ICH Growth Study "STOP-IT"


Phase 2 Results

Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
Edward C. Jauch, MD, MS Principal Investigator 843-792-5058
Matthew L. Flaherty, MD Principal Investigator
Janice A. Carrozzella, RN, BA, RT(R), CCRA Contact 513-475-8793
Janice A. Carrozzella, MSN, APRN, CCRA Contact 513-475-8793

Contacts by Location

Columbia University New York, New York, United States Not_yet_recruiting_status_icon
Stephan A Mayer, MD Contact 212-305-7236
Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts, United States Unknown_status_icon
Joshua Goldstein, MD Contact 617-726-7622
Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina, United States Unknown_status_icon
Edward C. Jauch, MD, MS Principal Investigator 843-792-5058
St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center Phoenix, Arizona, United States Unknown_status_icon
James L Frey, MD Contact 602-679-5250
Sunnybrook Health Science Center Toronto, Ontario, Canada Unknown_status_icon
David Gladstone, MD Contact 416-480-4688
University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta, Canada Unknown_status_icon
Andrew Demchuk, MD Contact 403-944-8287
University of California, San Diego San Diego, California, United States Unknown_status_icon
Thomas Hemmem, MD Contact 619-543-7760
University of Cincinnati—Clinical Coordinating Center Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Unknown_status_icon
Matthew Flaherty, MD Contact 513-558-6609
University of Florida / Shands Jacksonville Jacksonville, Florida, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Scott Silliman, M.D. Contact 904-244-9483
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Unknown_status_icon
Brett L. Cucchiara, MD Contact 215-662-6738
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Unknown_status_icon
Maxim Hammer, MD Contact 412-647-3030
University of Texas Southwestern Dallas, Texas, United States Recruiting_status_icon
Christiana Hall, MD, MS Contact 214-648-8511
Washington University St. Louis, Missouri, United States Unknown_status_icon
Peter D. Panagos, MD Contact 314-747-6718

Other Locations

Name City State Country Status
Washington University Saint Louis Missouri United States Unknown_status_icon