The Safety and Efficacy of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Treatment of Acute Cerebral Infarction

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Phase 1 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Patient within 2 weeks onset of symptoms.
- Symptoms and signs of clinically definite acute cerebral infarction patients.
- CT/MRI prove the Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project (OCSP) as Total Anterior circulation infarct (TACI), Partial Anterior circulation infarct (PACI), Posterior Anterior circulation infarct (POCI), or obvious neurological deficit lacunar infarction patient.
- Signed informed consent after understanding all possible benefits and harm.

Exclusion Criteria

- allergic to basic drug
- with progressive stroke, transient ischemia attach, cerebral infarction with posterior cerebral hemorrhage, and cerebral arteritis.
- tumor, injury, and parasites caused cerebral embolism
- rheumatic heart disease, coronary heart disease, and other atrial fibrillation combined heart disease caused cerebral embolism
- subject is processing thrombolytic therapy
- subject is pregnancy and of childbearing potential or breast feeding
- participate in any other clinical trial in last 3 months
- bleeding tendency patient; severe bleeding tendency in last 3 month
- with gastric duodenal ulcer
- participants with severe liver and kidney, hematopoietic, and metabolic diseases; Or with liver and kidney function examination abnormal
- participants are intolerance with Aspirin Enteric-coated Tablets, or need other antiplatelet drugs
- participants: alcoholism, drug addicted, or other situations may complicated the results
- under other therapy that possibly influence MSC security or efficacy
- investigator supposes not suitable to participate this clinical trail