The Neurotrophic Effects of Lithium Carbonate Following Stroke: A Feasibility Study


Phase 3 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- age >40 years
- male or female
- speaks and understands English
- within 12 months post-stroke

Exclusion Criteria

- subarachnoid or intracranial hemorrhage
- severe aphasia or dysphasia
- impaired level of consciousness that would preclude neuropsychiatric testing
- significant acute medical illness that may contraindicate lithium treatment(including renal dysfunction; >106 umol/L creatinine level) affect neuropsychiatric assessments or serum BDNF results or put subject at risk from MRI procedure
- other psychiatric (exception of post-stroke depression) or neurological illnesses
- initiation of diuretic treatment
- use of antidepressant medications or initiation of antidepressant medications during the study