The Immediate Effect of Electrical Stimulation Transcranial Direct Current (tDCS) Associated With the Use of FES, in Muscle Activity of the Tibialis Anterior Muscle, Balance and Plantar Pressure Distribution of Individuals With Hemiparesis Due to Stroke


Phase 1/2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion criteria:
- 30 individuals with hemiparesis stemming from a stroke;
- Either gender;
- Able to maintain a standing position without an assistance device for at least 60 seconds;
- Signed statement of written consent.
Exclusion criteria:
- Adverse health condition (beyond hemiparesis) that affects balance;
- Use of medication that can affect balance;
- Positive cutoff point for cognitive deficit (Mini Mental State Examination);
- Illiteracy;
- Wernicke's aphasia;
- Reduced ankle mobility due to history of ankle fracture and use of pins in ankle;
- TA muscle strength less than grade 1;
- Contraindication for tDCS (history of recurrent seizures, recurrent epilepsy and brain tumor in stimulation site);
- Skin infection at tDCS and/or FES site;
- Anesthesia or hyperesthesia at FES site.