The Effect of Early Mobilization in Mild to Moderate Hemorrhagic Stroke

Enrolling by invitation

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Eligibility Criteria

The inclusion criteria will be as follows:
1. patients with a first time intracerebral (either cortical or subcortical) hemorrhage with unilateral hemiparesis/ hemiplegia confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography;
2. patients with no contraindications to being mobilized (early intervention) within 48 hours of stroke onset (based on the medical team's clinical judgment: including systolic blood pressure (SBP)<160mmHg in resting; resting heart rate (HR)<130 bpm; no hydrocephalus; 80< mean arterial pressure (MAP)<110 mmHg before intervention);
3. patients with National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) scores at admission ranging from 3 to 20;
4. patients with total activity of living independence pre-stroke; and
5. patients between 20 and 80 years old.
The exclusion criteria will be as follows:
1. patients with mild to moderate deficits as described above (3);
2. patients who are unable to complete the baseline survey because of serious aphasia, language difficulties, or cognitive deficits;
3. patients with other medical conditions, such as severe heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, or lower-limb disorders, that prevent early mobilization; and
4. patients who are unable to provide informed consent. In addition, we will exclude those showing rapid early deterioration of symptoms, as well as those with a concurrent diagnosis of rapidly deteriorating disease (e.g., terminal cancer).