The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Learning After Stroke


Phase 1 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Single ischemic stroke occuring 6-72 months prior
- Fugl-Meyer score (upper + lower extremity) 45 or greater
- Mini mental status score of >23
- approval of the subject's medical doctor

Exclusion Criteria

- already performing >20 min of cardiovascular exercise 3x/wk or more
- alcohol consumption of >2 oz. liquor, 8 oz. wine or 24 oz beer/day
- cardiac history of unstable angina, recent myocardia infarction within the last 3 months, congestive heart failure, significant valve dysfunction
- medical history of recent hospitalization (> 3 months) for medical illness
- symptomatic peripheral arterial occlusive disease
- orthopedic or chronic pain conditions restricting exercise
- pulmonary or renal failure
- active cancer
- unstable hypertension (>160/100 mmHg)
- diabetes mellitus (fasting glucose > 180 NG./dk, HgA1C > 10%) that is unable to be controlled < month
- receptive or expressive aphasia as indicated on MMSE
- multiple strokes or other neuromuscular conditions
- major depression that is untreated using the Beck depression inventory