Telephone Assessment and Skill-Building Kit (TASK): A New Program for Family Caregivers of Stroke Survivors


Phase 1 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- A family caregiver must (1) be an unpaid family member or friend of a stroke patient who has not been home from the hospital or nursing home more than 2 months, (2) be the main person who takes care of the stroke patient at home, (3) be able to read and speak English, (4) be able to talk and hear using the telephone, and (5) be willing to have 8 weekly calls from a nurse and 4 calls from a research assistant.

Exclusion Criteria

- We are unable to enroll caregivers or stroke survivors who (1) have a very serious illness and are expected to live no more than 6 months, (2) have severe mental illness, (3) have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, (4) are pregnant, (5) are prisoners or on house arrest, or (6) are living in a nursing home.