Task Oriented Training and Evaluation at Home (TOTE Home)


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- upper extremity hemiparesis due to a stroke but met minimal movement criteria in the affected arm and hand (at least 10 degrees of active movement at the wrist, elbow, and shoulder movement, along with 10 degrees of active movement in the thumb and two other fingers)
- minimal cognitive deficits as demonstrated by a 24 or higher on the Mini-Mental Status Exam
- able to identify at least five specific tasks participants wish to achieve with their affected upper extremity. This was assessed with the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)
- at least 21 years of age
- able to communicate in English
- 3-12 months after their stroke which would classify them in the subacute level of recovery
- all formal occupational therapy was completed.

Exclusion Criteria

- upper extremity pain that interfered with activities of daily living
- requiring maximal assistance for mobility
- arm or hand injury (unrelated to the stroke)
- upper extremity amputations
- inability to participate due to any illness, social or geographical reason, and any other diagnosis or limiting conditions that would affect participation