Supraspinal Contributions to the Control of Human Locomotion: Clinical and Fundamental Aspects "SUPLOCO"


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Summary of Purpose

Many neurological patients express enhanced deficits while walking in a dark room (or during the night): the supraspinal structures involved in this navigational deficit have not been identified yet. In this project, the investigators will study post-stroke gaits of human patients and compare them to those of a control population during a goal-oriented task performed in different visual conditions. The...

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Trial Milestones

The following dates are available for this trial. Trial information last updated on 24 October 2017.

1 Mar 2014 6 Oct 2014 1 Jan 2015 1 Mar 2016 1 Oct 2017 Unavailable
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Trial Design

  • Observation: Cohort
  • Sampling: Non-Probability Sample


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