Study of a Home Intervention Post Stroke "SHIPS"


Phase N/A Results N/A

Trial Description

To determine whether a home-based intervention comprised of regular home visits and telephone follow-up positively affects the clinical outcome of stroke patients and the health of their caregivers.


Trial Design

Randomized, controlled trial.

Patient Involvement

Eligible patients will be randomized into either a treatment or a control group. Patients and their caregivers in the treatment group will be visited every three months by a stroke nurse who will provide education, follow-up and support in their homes for a period of nine months. Patients and caregivers will receive a telephone interview every month that the nurse does not visit the home. The nurse will also regularly communicate with the patient's GP and other health care providers. Patients in the control group will receive no home visits or telephone calls, except for a final evaluation at the end of the 9-month trial.


Type Measure Time Frame Safety Issue
Primary Number and purpose of general practitioner (GP) visits, number and purpose of all physician visits, number of falls, monthly Barthel Index (BI) and Assessment Quality of Life Survey (Aqol) scores.


Victorian Department of Human Services.