Study Evaluating the MindMotionPRO for Early Post-stroke Upper-limb Rehabilitation "MOVE-Rehab"


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Male/female > 18 years old
- First ever unilateral supratentorial ischemic stroke with contralateral upper extremity weakness
- 1 to 6 weeks post-stroke
- Able to give informed consent
- Not participating any other intervention studies
- Experiencing motor difficulties in using the paretic arm, with a FMA-UE score in the range of 20 to 40 out of 66
- Stroke severity with NIHSS score between 5 (mild) and 14 (moderate) out of 42
- The participant is expected to remain available (geographically stable) for 4 months after enrolment.

Exclusion Criteria

- Any medical condition compromising the safety or the ability to take part to the study (such as insufficient vision or hearing, inability to participate to therapy session, inability to communicate, upper limb condition not linked to stroke, uncontrolled blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, co-morbidity)
- Recurrent and moderate to high upper limb pain limiting delivery of rehabilitation dose
- History of more than one epileptic seizures since stroke onset or uncontrolled epileptic seizure
- Mild to severe cognitive impairment (Mini mental state exam (MMSE) score < 24/30)
- Depression (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale > 8/21)
- Moderate to severe hemispatial neglect compromising the ability to take part to the study, as determined by the Bells tests (> 6 errors)
- Brain stem stroke