Structural and Functional Brain Changes in Response to Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria for chronic stroke patients:
1. Medically stable and at least 6 months post ischemic stroke.
2. Inability to use upper limb for functional tasks
3. Sufficient endurance to participate in rehabilitation
4. Cognition sufficiently intact to give valid informed consent to participate
5. Ability to follow two stage commands
6. Trace or better contraction of the following muscles: finger flexors, wrist flexors and extensors, shoulder flexors or abductors, shoulder horizontal abductors, scapular retractors
7. Muscle tone of fingers, wrist and elbow flexors ≤3 (Ashworth scale)
8. Age > 21
Exclusion Criteria
1. Acute or progressive cardiac, renal, respiratory, neurological disorders or malignancy
2. Active psychiatric diagnosis or psychological condition
3. Lower motor neuron damage or radiculopathy
4. Hand grasp and release sufficient to grasp 4 oz. can, lift 12 inches, replace it in original position and release grasp within 1-2 seconds of the time of the unaffected extremity
5. Absent position sense at elbow or wrist
6. More than one ischemic strokes or stroke affecting both sides
7. Metal implants, pacemaker, claustrophobia, or inability to operate the MRI patient call button