Stroke Inpatient Rehabilitation Reinforcement of ACTivity "SIRRACT"


Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Admission for acute inpatient rehabilitation of a first stroke (or second stroke after full recovery from prior TIA/Stroke)
- Time from onset of stroke to admission for rehabilitation < 35 days
- Stroke from any cause (thrombotic infarct, cardioembolus, intracerebral hemorrhage) that includes unilateral hemiparesis. Hemiparesis means less than / equal to 4/5 strength by the British Medical Council scale for hip flexion tested supine and for knee or ankle flexion and extension (scores less than / equal to 22 of 25 possible points)
- Ability to follow simple instructions, especially to understand verbal reinforcement about activity.
- Independent in mobility prior to admission by the Barthel Index.
- Able to walk with no more than physical assistance of 2 persons for at least 5 steps (for example, 3 strides of the left leg alternating with 2 on the right leg). Subjects can use any type of assistive device and brace needed.
- Able to understand and repeat information related to the Informed Consent. The subject signs a Consent form.

Exclusion Criteria

- Current medical disease that will limit physical therapy at the time of randomization or limited walking prior to the stroke, such as serious infection, DVT, orthostatic hypotension, > stage 2 decubitus ulcer of buttocks or legs, congestive heart failure, claudication, and pain with weight-bearing or walking. Subjects can be entered if a complication resolves within 7 days of admission screening.
- Aphasia with inability to follow 2-step directions during therapeutic instructions or answers Yes/No to questions with < 75% accuracy related to personal health and symptoms.