Stroke Gait Rehabilitation Using Functional Electrical Stimulation


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- Chronic stroke (>6 months post stroke)
- First (single) lesion
- Able to walk with or without the use of a cane or walker
- Sufficient cardiovascular health and ankle stability to walk for 6 minutes at a self-selected speed without an orthoses
- Resting heart rate 40-100 beats per minute

Exclusion Criteria

- Evidence of moderate/ severe chronic white matter disease or cerebellar stroke on MRI
- Cerebellar signs (ataxic ("drunken") gait or decreased coordination during rapid alternating hand or foot movements
- Insulin dependent diabetes
- History of lower extremity joint replacement
- Score of >1 on question 1b and >0 on question 1c on NIH Stroke Scale
- Inability to communicate with investigators
- Neglect/hemianopia, or unexplained dizziness in last 6 months
- Neurologic conditions other than stroke
- Orthopedic problems in the lower limbs/spine or other problems that limit walking
- Contra-indications to Transcranial magnetic stimulation (history of seizures, metal implants in the head, presence of skull fractures, etc).