Source of Hand Weakness After Stroke


Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

- clinical diagnosis of stroke;
- stroke occurred no less than 6 months prior to study;
- must have had only 1 stroke;
- must demonstrate severe hand impairment;
- must have no substantial evidence of motor and sensory deficits in non-paretic limb;
- must have no history or clinical signs of neurologic diseases other than stroke;
- must have no cognitive dysfunction that precludes comprehension of experimental tasks;
- must be able to give informed consent

Exclusion Criteria

- taking medication that can increase the risk of lidocaine toxicity such as cimetidine (ulcer treatment drug), phenytoin (anticonvulsant drug), nadolol (drug for treatment of headache, hypertension, chest pain);
- taking anticoagulant medication, i.e., aspirin, coumadin;
- has a low platelet count or a bleeding disease