Sleep Apnea in TIA/Stroke: Reducing Cardiovascular Risk With Positive Airway Pressure "Sleep Tight"


Phase 2 Results N/A

Main Contacts

Name Phone E-mail
Dawn M Bravata, M.D. Principal Investigator 317-988-2676
Henry Yaggi, MD,MPH Principal Investigator

Contacts by Location

University of Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana, United States Unknown_status_icon
Kurt Austin, BFA,MDiv Contact 317-554-0000
Dawn Bravata, MD Principal Investigator
Kurt Austin, BFA,MDiv Contact 317-988-3152
Curt Austin, BFA,MDiv Contact 317-988-3152
Yale University New Haven, Connecticut, United States Unknown_status_icon
Lynne P Iannone, MS Contact 203-464-5460
Henry Klar Yaggi, MD,MPH Principal Investigator