Sideways Treadmill Training to Improve Paretic Leg Stepping in Persons Post-Stroke


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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria for subjects who have had a stroke:
- at least 18 years old
- a stroke survivor for at least 3 months
- able to understand the testing instructions
- able to walk 10 steps independently without an assistive device
- living in the community (at home in an apartment, condo or house).
- may have a history of one or more strokes but must present with one-sided hemiparesis
Exclusion Criteria for subjects who have had a stroke:
- currently participating in physical therapy for balance and gait-training
- other major musculoskeletal or other neurological disorders
- residing in skilled nursing or assisted living facilities.
Exclusion criteria for subjects who have not had a stroke:
- other major musculoskeletal or neurological disorders