Safety and Long-term Effectiveness of High Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Stroke (RAICup) "RAICup"


Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

Single mono hemispheric subcortical and/or cortical ischaemic stroke (documented by CT or MRI) 7 to 21 days before, with moderate arm paresis as defined by a Rankin score <= 4 or not at 4 (in paragraph 5 of NIHSS), in the territory of middle cerebral artery Patients between 18 and 80 years old

Exclusion Criteria

severe peripheral neuropathy pace-maker, implanted medical pump, metal plate, metal object in the skull or eye History of previous stroke, epileptic seizures, craniotomy, brain trauma Score Rankin > 4 and arm deficit at 4 (paragraph 5 of NIHSS) Score Rankin <=1 Cortical stroke Alertness problems at the time of inclusion Disability previous to stroke Stenosis of internal carotid artery with surgery foreseen within 3 months Uncontrolled medical problem Not able to give informed consent Pregnant or breast-feeding woman