Safety and Efficacy Study of Clevidipine to Control Hypertension in Patients Admitted With Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage "CLASH"


Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

1. Diagnosis of SAH
2. Presence of unsecured aneurysm
3. Patient age between 18 and 80 years
4. Hunt and Hess grade <5 (non-sedated-paralyzed pt)
5. Glasgow Coma scale >4 (non-sedated-paralyzed pt)
6. BP above the pre-specified upper limit set by MD
7. Patient has not received pressors or inotropes
8. Patient has not received IV anti-hypertensives for more than 5 minutes (sodium nitroprusside infusion should be stopped as clevidipine is started
9. Patient has given informed consent

Exclusion Criteria

1. Patient is <18 or >80 years of age
2. Patient has Traumatic SAH
3. Patient has Perimesencephalic SAH
4. Hunt and Hess grade 5 (deeply comatose/ brain dead)
5. Glasgow Coma scale 3 or 4 (deeply comatose/brain dead)
6. Patient on pressors or anti-hypertensives for more than 5 minutes
7. SBP < 90 mm Hg
8. Heart rate >110
9. Patient with Left BBB
10. Patient with a permanent ventricular pacemaker
11. Known allergy to dihydropyridines or clevidipine
12. Known allergy to soy products, beans, eggs or egg products22. Patients with defective lipid metabolism or pathologic hyperlipidemia or lipid nephrosis
13. Acute pancreatitis, accompanied by hyperlipidemia
14. Severe aortic stenosis
15. Pregnancy