Safety and Efficacy Study of a Protease Activated Receptor-4 Antagonist Being Tested to Reduce the Chances of Having Additional Strokes or "Mini Strokes"


Phase 2 Results N/A

Eligibility Criteria

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Inclusion Criteria

- Male or female, age 18 or older
- Must have had a very recent stroke or transient ischemic attack ("mini stroke") that can be confirmed by the study doctor
- Able to be assigned to a study group no later than 48 hours after the stroke occurred
- Has an image of the brain that confirms that the stroke was not caused by hemorrhage or other reason that could explain symptoms

Exclusion Criteria

- A suspicion by the study doctor that the transient ischemic attack or stroke was caused by a blood clot that formed in the heart; examples of this include history of an abnormal heart rhythm known as atrial fibrillation or a ventricular aneurysm or defect of the heart.
- Any condition requiring treatment with an anticoagulant
- History of intracranial hemorrhage ("bleeding in the brain")
- Gastrointestinal ("stomach or intestinal") bleeding in the last 3 months that required treatment
- Planned or anticipated invasive surgery or procedure during the study
- Unable to tolerate MRI procedures.