Safety and Efficacy of MRI-Based Thrombolysis in Unclear-Onset Stroke


Phase N/A Results


32 patients with UnCLOS and 223 patients with CLOS were included. Baseline characteristics were comparable between the two groups, except that the proportion of MRI screening was higher, and detection-to-door time and door-to-needle time weree longer in the UnCLOS group (p<0.01) Rates of recanalization (immediate, 81.3 vs 63.1%; delayed 80.6 vs 69.1%), early neurological improvement (on day 1, 46.9 vs 35.9%; on day 7, 50.0 vs 49.3%), symptomatic ICH (6.3 vs 5.8%) and 3-month outcome (mRS 0-1, 37.5 vs 35.0%; mRS 0-2, 50.0 vs 49.3%) did not differ between the UnCLOS and CLOS groups. These preliminary results suggest that thrombolysis based on MRI criteria may safely be applied to acute stroke patients with unclear onset.