Role of Ipsilateral Motor Cortex in Executing Movements With Increasing Demand on Precision "RIMC"

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Eligibility Criteria

Inclusion Criteria for Stroke Patients:
- Age 18-80
- Single cerebral ischemic infarction one month prior to entering study
- Affecting only one hemisphere as defined by MRI of the brain
- At the time of cerebral infarct a motor deficit of hand of Medical Research Council Scale for Muscle Strength (MRC) of < 4- of wrist and finger extension/flexion movement
- Fugl Meyer score > 27/66 (motor domain, upper extremity)
- Ability to operate joystick at largest target level
- No other neurological disorder
- No intake of Central Nervous System (CNS) active drugs
- Ability to give informed consent
- Ability to meet criteria of inclusion experiment
- No major cognitive impairment
Inclusion Criteria for Healthy Subjects:
- Age 55-80 years with no neurological or psychiatric diseases
- Normal neurological examination
- Normal MRI of the brain
- Normal neuropsychological testing
- No intake of CNS active drugs that interfere with data collection
- No contraindication to TMS
- Ability to give informed consent